I had been suffering for clinical depression for the past several years with persistent depressed mood and not enjoying anything anymore. I’d tried a few different things to help before I came across the MindFit Lab ‘Overcoming Depression’ course. It has really helped me to come out of that dark place and start to feel happiness and excitement for life again, and my daily functioning has improved a lot more. My family has noticed a big change within me.
Michael Harrison, 34, Utah
I had been suffering with Social Anxiety Disorder since I was 19, which made it really difficult for me to leave my house or be out in social situations because I’d have so much fear and anxiety about how other people would judge me. The MindFit Lab ‘Getting Social with Social Anxiety’ course has really helped me; I feel a lot less anxious in social situations and more confident within myself, and I can now leave the house without fear which is such a relief.
Jessica Newman, 27, Sydney
I used to really struggle with just being happy, even if nothing overly terrible was going on in my life. I’d heard about the ’30 Days of Gratitude’ course that MindFit Lab offers and I thought i’d give it a try. Though this course, I realised that I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate all the good in my life, and I learnt how to change this. Now I am so much happier than I ever used to be, even when things might not be going fantastic, I am still so grateful and able to cope a lot better.
Stacey Hall, 30, New York