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Weighted Therapy Blanket – Coming Soon!


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Overview :

Weighted Therapy Blankets are like a standard blanket, however the inner layer is evenly filled with non-toxic glass beads to add weight to the blanket. The ideal weight of the blanket to be used is 10-12% of your body weight. When placed on the body, this added weight provides a pressure which helps to quickly calm cortisol and reduce the sympathetic nervous system arousal which helps to provide a range of benefits. This is because the body loves gentle pressure applied to it. Weighted blankets feel like you are being hugged and provide a very soothing effect.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets include:
- Reduce cortisol
- Reduce sympathetic nervous system arousal
- Calm anxiety
- Reduce stress and nervous tension
- Improve sleep and reduce insomnia
- Reduce pain levels
- Reduce inflammation

Weighted blankets can be used during the day time as well as on your body from the chest down while you sleep through the night. Research shows that weighted blankets help people to fall asleep quicker, and keep them asleep throughout the night until morning instead of having waking up in the middle of the night.

Weighted blankets can be used for kids, teens and adults. However for younger people or the elderly, you want to make sure that they are able to get the blanket off themselves as the blanket can be heavy for little ones or frail people.


Sizes available:
Single 15lb and 20lb
Queen 15lb and 20lb

Additional information

Queen size - 15lb weight

Queen size, 15lb


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